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Deborah provides competent, professional representation to clients in all areas of family law including: Premarital Agreements; Separation; Divorce; Custody and Support of Children; Alimony; Asset Division; Property Settlement Agreements; Adoption and Guardianship.




Collaborative law is a method for resolving disputes, the cornerstone of which is a stipulation by the parties and their attorneys eliminating court as an option. The parties sign a participation agreement in which they:


  1. Make a commitment to participate in good faith to reach a settlement

  2. Make full disclosure to each other and

  3. Agree to communicate respectfully and constructively.


The parties and attorneys hold a series of 4-way meetings to work out the issues. If necessary, other professionals such as accountants, psychologists, real estate brokers, etc. can be employed to participate and supply additional information. Collaborative law is a powerful tool in negotiating settlements, avoiding the time and expense of litigation and enabling the parties to craft a settlement that meets their needs with the help and advice of legal counsel. In the event one of the parties withdraws from the process, the collaborative law attorneys must withdraw from the case and refer the parties to other counsel.


The collaborative method can be used not only in family law matters, but also in business and employment disputes as well.




Mediation is a powerful dispute resolution process which is faster and much less costly than litigation. The mediator, as a neutral third party, meets with the disputants and guides and assists them in creating their own solution. This is not arbitration. In arbitration it is the arbitrator who decides the solution. In mediation it is the parties who design and structure the solution by agreement. It is highly effective because it is the parties who create and implement the solution and therefore have a direct, personal investment in it.


Deborah has completed arduous mediation training. If a negotiated settlement is not possible she will explore the possibility of mediation before litigation. Deborah has successfully mediated many family law issues to a solution that saves her clients money and heart-ache.




Deborah has extensive experience in residential and commercial purchase and sales, as well as zoning, development, and title insurance issues. She also counsels clients and businesses regarding business formation, leases, corporate documents, and employment contracts.